Jan 21, 2013 / 3 notes

The Thing About Google Glass

People are missing the true innovation behind Google’s Project Glass. The innovation is not the fact that technology will become wearable. It doesn’t matter that the form factor is a pair of glasses. The problem Google’s goggles is solving is one of smoothness. Right now, we need to proactively seek out information. When we get an email, we can be notified, but we still need to reach into our pockets to pull out our smart phones. By creating top of mind technology that is more integrated with how we behave, we will be able to get information more seamlessly than we do now. Not that it is an incredible hassle to pull a phone out of a pocket, but Google Glass and other wearable pieces of tech offer us an advancement of letting us know the information we want to know, exactly when we want to know it. It’s a delivery device. It is a fraction of a percentage more convenient. I think the strength of Google’s glasses will come from it’s ability to tether us between our other devices and become a seamless delivery system of the information we care about. Personally, I’m not a fan of the glasses form factor. I would find that too distracting. I’ll opt for the technology when Apple puts it out as a watch.

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